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At Bird's Hollow Beef, all of our cattle are born and raised on our own pasture. Our cattle are pasture grazed and 100% grass-fed on our 140 acre farm. This means their diets only consists of grass and are never fed corn, grain or corn silage. Our cattle are never confined and are raised by natural means without growth hormones or antibiotics.

We strive to stay in sync with nature with our calves being born in May and June, just when the grass is greening, and we harvest our beef twenty seven months later during August and September. We let our cattle take their own sweet natural time to grow and finish for harvesting. Our calves are nourished only with mother's milk and fresh pasture grass while they roam freely next to mom. We do a natural weaning with the mama cow weaning her calf the following spring. As an animal increases in age and weight, the fat content increases and so does the flavor. We believe that in order to have grassfed beef that is at its prime for harvesting, the cattle need to be fully grown and nicely fattened which will give a quality beef product. The result being luscious tasting beef with its own distinct flavor which is reflective of the region and quality of grass they graze along with the open air management style.

  • We sell our sides of beef by the quarter (split half), half or whole.
  • Price is $4.00 per pound hot hanging weight.
  • Price includes all processing costs and is cut and vacuum sealed wrapped per your instructions.
  • Approximate hanging weight for a quarter is 175-200# and will give approximately 85-100# beef for the freezer.
  • Hanging weight and beef for the freezer weight will vary.
  • Dry Aged Processing
  • We also offer 1/8th Sides of Beef packaged with the most popular cuts totaling 45lbs of freezer meat for $350.

Reference a Cutting Chart courtesy of National Cattlemen's Beef Association

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